The Story

  • Engage direct  consumer participation in the supply chain.
  • Establish a low cost production model for traceable premium quality meats.
  • Contribute to profitable livestock production by  partnering with top local and regional ranches.

  •  Consumers have limited knowledge of how their food is raised.
  •  Consumers are paying significantly higher prices, while buying lower quality meat produced in factory farms.
  •  Many Farms are currently operating significantly  under their capacity due to the challenges of access to  capital and markets.

  • Most Consumers are located in Urban Centers far away from farmers.
  • Farmers do not always have access to sizeable retail markets to allow them to maximize their returns.
  • The expenses involved in farming  are steadily rising with the costs of infrastructure, equipment, land and labour.

  • Bridge the gap by connecting consumers to producers through technology.
  • Allows the sharing of risk and reward of livestock production with partner farms.

  • Provide a consistent income to farmers .
  • Increase sustainability  by maximizing the efficiency of underutilized farmland.
  • Provide consumers access to the highest quality meat at the lowest possible prices.

Community Supported Farming through direct investment  in livestock production by partnering with farmers to provide a  more affordable, sustainable and traceable meat supply for our families.


We are always looking for more ranches to raise animals on, we offer competitive compensation, a steady income and added insurance for your current herds.

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