Investor FAQ

Cowpool is a limited partnership specialized  in livestock production. By employing a sharing pool method, partners are able to leverage under-utilized farms and farmer expertise to share in the gains and losses of the pool and reduce risks associated with investing in livestock.

Review our current Pools and choose a share you are interested in. Once you verify your email address, we will send you all the necessary information. Cowpool offers investors an opportunity to purchase one to multiple units in a limited partnership pool. Pools can range from 50-100 animals.

Bison-meat sales topped $340 million last year, according to data from the National Bison Association. This is a tiny fraction of the more than $100 billion in sales of cattle, hogs and poultry produced in the U.S. in 2015. But bison producers say their meat boasts an edge in the marketplace as consumers seek out more naturally raised protein, and sales have grown by 22% over the past five years.

Retailers like Whole Foods are getting their bison-meat orders filled, but Theo Weening, the company’s global meat buyer, said he could sell a lot more. “I’d love to do a feature on ground buffalo or seasoned buffalo burgers, but if the supply is not there, we can’t feature it,” he said.

Wholesale bison-meat prices, currently around $4.50 a pound, have trod reliably higher, nearly doubling from January 2009 through June of this year. That outpaces a 42% increase for similar beef grades, a 41% rise in pork and an 18% gain for broiler chicken, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture data. With the weakness of the Canadian dollar there are currently meat packers purchasing finished bulls at $6.25/lb HHW ( Hot Hanging Weight), which is about 65% yield of live weight or about $4.00/lb live wseight. Breeding stock will usually sell for 10% or more of the meat prices per lb.

Currently we are working on expanding our Bison herds. Our commitment to sustainable grass fed animals and the underserved Bison market means we will focus on building this environmentally sustainable and healthy food source for years to come. We will be adding Grass fed Meat Cows after our quotas for Bison have been reached at our partner farms.
Each Cow and calf is part of an overall pool which offers a shared risk for animal mortality and birth. Any breeding animal that dies in the pool will be replaced and the cost shared in the pool.
Every animal purchased will be fitted with a CFIA ear tag and registered in the name of the Pool. This tag will remain with the animal until it is sold or slaughtered. All calves born on the farm will also be fitted with a CFIA tag. Cowpool representatives conduct multiple Annual audits of each Farm to ensure compliance.
There is no insurance provided on the individual animals, however all Farm partners are required to maintain herd insurance to cover any liability issues that may arise from damage caused by the herd.
We aim to achieve 90% or higher Calving rates. If one cow does not conceive then this is a risk shared
by all unitholders of the Cowpool Partnership.
You are free to decide when to sell your partnershp units, subject to conditions, we also offer  redemption of units. We limit livestock sales to between the months of November and March due to the natural sales cycle in the industry. This allows us to get the best prices for the animals at market and also allows for lower transportation costs and better returns to investors, as animals are shipped in trailer loads.
Prices are determined by the market. The best indicator of current prices is through the Canadian Bison Association Weekly Market Report
Or Auctions such as Kramer’s
Typical Management costs will include

Fixed Costs:

  • Supervision
  • Farm land lease
  • Farm Maintenance
  • Herd sire( Bull)

Variable Costs:

  • Supplements (Pellets, Protein supplement, Free range mineral)
  • Tags, Herd Inspections, Medications, ( variable costs as incurred)
  • Hay for winter feeding ( variable cost based on price of Hay)
  • Transportation( variable cost based on cost of transport)

Contact us for the most up to date average annual costs.

No, the upkeep costs are based on the age of the animal. Younger animals require less maintenance and feed therefore we use a stepped fee.

You will receive quarterly updates on your Pool with purchase and expense information. We will also post pictures of the herd on the website. In 2018 we are planning on adding live tags to your Animals so you can monitor their movements via GPS on your smartphone or computer.

Each investment will receive a unit certificate for shares purchased in a partnership.

Our partner farms are currently located in Saskatchewan and we are rapidly expanding our partnerships to Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.

Yes, limited partners can visit the Cows on our annual open house held at the respective farms. You can also elect to visit them by providing 30 days’ notice to us by email at

Meat FAQ

A MeatPool is a sustainable model where consumers are able to source farm fresh meat direct from the source. Consumers select their desired cuts online and once all cuts of an animal are selected, the animal is “funded” and is sent to be slaughtered and distributed to customers.

All orders are processed through our website;

Yes, all Cowpool meat is hand slaughtered in Provincially inspected slaughterhouses and is certified Halal.

There is a $50 min per order.

Shipping is priced based on your ship to address and will be displayed before your purchase.

Delivery to your home depends on the shipping time from our farm, but once all orders are confirmed delivery will be within 48hrs. Orders are only confirmed once a MeatPool reaches its funding goal.

If within the allotted time (10 days) the Animal does not reach its goal, your order is refunded or you could transfer it to the next pool.

All available cuts are shown on our website


All our animals are humanely raised in open pastures on grass. We believe in sustainable farming and providing the healthiest options available with the greatest taste profiles. None of our Animals are exposed to steroids or added hormones. We currently offer various cuts of Beef and Bison.

Yes, we also offer MeatPool Share boxes where you can order a 30 pound or 15 pound share box or subscription.

All prices are posted on the website and are based on the current price of beef in the wholesale market. We are the only platform that allows you to save on your meat prices based on what farmers actually get for their Cows at auction. This results in a savings of 15 to 20% lower than equivalent retail.

We are the first Canadian retailer to provide full animal medical history, age, date of slaughter and comparative pricing information. We do this to ensure you are aware of what your family consumes and assure the best price in the market.

Auction FAQ

Your initial registration to CowPool provides you access to place a bid or post an auction on our site. We will contact all new postings to verify your information and authenticate the listing. Any false or misleading information provided will lead to your post or bid being cancelled and your account will be suspended.

This is the minimum price increase the next bidder can enter into the auction.

A set price for which the seller is willing to sell the items.

Selecting auto-renew will repost the listing upon completion of the auction period.


A set price for which the seller is willing to sell the items.

An auto bid allows you to set a maximum bid amount you are willing to pay for the item. Our system will increase your bid by the incremental price every time someone bids higher than you, up to the maximum price you set.

Return to the auction and enter a higher maximum bid.

Waiting till the last minute generally does not provide an advantage due to proxy bidding. TO ensure the best chance of winning your item we encourage you to bid early and enter your best price. You may check back close to the auction close to see if you need to readjust your bid.

No, unfortunately telephone bidding is not supported.

Yes, you can log on to the auction and place your maximum bid.

Click on My account >Auctions Dashboard

All completed auctions will move to the Just Sold category

Yes you will be notified anytime a bid is placed on your account, as well as with updates for all auctions you bid on or add to your watchlist.

You will receive an invoice once the auction is completed with all payment instructions.

We accept wire transfer, certified cheque or Paypal payments. All payment instructions will be included in your email.

We can arrange shipping upon inspection and acceptance. Our preferred shipper is Roberge Transport Inc. .