Frequently Asked Questions

A MeatPool is a sustainable model where consumers are able to source farm fresh meat direct from the source. Consumers select their desired cuts online and once all cuts of an animal are selected, the animal is “funded” and is sent to be slaughtered and distributed to customers.

All orders are processed through our website;

Yes, all Cowpool meat is hand slaughtered in Provincially inspected slaughterhouses and is certified Halal.

There is a $50 min per order.

Shipping is priced based on your ship to address and will be displayed before your purchase.

Delivery to your home depends on the shipping time from our farm, but once all orders are confirmed delivery will be within 48hrs. Orders are only confirmed once a MeatPool reaches its funding goal.

If within the allotted time (10 days) the Animal does not reach its goal, your order is refunded or you could transfer it to the next pool.

All available cuts are shown on our website

All our animals are humanely raised in open pastures on grass. We believe in sustainable farming and providing the healthiest options available with the greatest taste profiles. None of our Animals are exposed to steroids or added hormones. We currently offer various cuts of Beef and Bison.

Yes, we also offer MeatPool Share boxes where you can order a 30 pound or 15 pound share box or subscription.

All prices are posted on the website and are based on the current price of beef in the wholesale market. We are the only platform that allows you to save on your meat prices based on what farmers actually get for their Cows at auction. This results in a savings of 15 to 20% lower than equivalent retail.

We are the first Canadian retailer to provide full animal medical history, age, date of slaughter and comparative pricing information. We do this to ensure you are aware of what your family consumes and assure the best price in the market.