Our vision for Backwoods View is to produce and promote top quality bison for breeding, as well as providing a unique, affordable, and wonderful red meat source for today’s health conscious consumer. With over 15 years of breeding and experience working for one of the largest meat companies in Canada, we have learnt what it takes to make an enterprising business succeed. Our current facility is over 600 acres and provides ample space for our Bison to roam in their natural environment. The farm is sectioned into 3 fields to ensure adequate regrowth of pasture and plentiful supply of good quality feed.

What We Do

Our breeding stock has evolved from the original 8 heifer calves we acquired from top quality breeders throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan in 1998 to 46 quality breeding bison cows and herd sires. We routinely cull our herd to ensure that only the best breeders are producing top quality calves. Since our first crop of calves arrived in the spring of 1999 we have had above average success rate with cows producing strong and healthy calves each spring.

Company Information

Big River SK, S0J 0E0

Our Relationships

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